Pet Kingdom Game

How the lock reward mechanism works?

⚠️ Players Need Attention:
  • The Reward will be locked 14 days from the most recent claiming. If you play for the first time, you can claim 14 days since the first moment
  • Locked reward cannot be used during 14 days to buy incubators or used as claim fee
  • Claim Fee: 6 PKD in your wallet balance
  • The Lock reward period is 14 days on each planet
  • Reward Locked fund on each planet is totally distinguished from others. They will have different time of locking remaining. Example: + On The Earth, you have 100 PKD in lock and have 2 days left to claim. + On Mars, you play for the first time and have 14 days left to claim. => After 2 days, you can still claim 100 PKD on Earth, and the reward lock on Mars have 12 days left to claim.