Pet Kingdom Game

How to train your PKD warriors?

When players go to PetKingdom Marketplace using PetKingdom Token ($PKD) to buy PK Incubators. Incubators are opened at random to show one in thousands of Pet Warriors.
PetKingdom's developers will offer you a collection of thousands of unique pets, and each owner will have their own unique Pet Warrior.
The Warriors will have the matching power based on the star level from 1 to 6 following: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Epic and Legendary. Given the high-rank Warrior, the players have more chances to win the battle.
Players will battle 1 of The Rebels including Devil Cat, Manekineko Purple, Purple Cat, Sade Boxcat, Devil Boar, Purple Boar.
The second main NFTs you need is a set of equipment items: 5 stones symbolize 5 different elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth.
Moreover, each Stones have 6 distinct levels of stone purity: 50% (Weakest) -> 60% -> 70% -> 80% -> 90% -> 100% (Strongest)
Each Warrior will have 5 Gemstone of weapons slots and each of them will bonus a specific amount of reward or High-Density Gemstone. Players also need PKD to forge items at the beginning higher your star level of both Warriors and items after each combat in every Planet you will get the greater rewards.
On the Website, the Project Official Report Appendix has full information on the awards for each combat, including the opening rates of the highest-rated Warriors and the EXP required to level up.