Pet Kingdom Game

🎉Tips How to Win

If you win the daily PetKingdom battle, the value of PKD earned through the game will grow. Besides that:
Equipment Items Combinations: The daily race to combine equipment items and High-Density Gemstone requires effective coordination, and can provide a massive Warrior Power boost to win. This boost is just as powerful as having a special item NFT!
Choose The Rebel's options: The Players have four options, each with different odds of victory and a different reward:
  • Difficulty 1: Easy
  • Difficulty 2: Normal
  • Difficulty 3: High
  • Difficulty 4: Extreme
If the player prefers to be safe, select choices 1-2 or vice versa.
PetKingdom is all about defeating The Rebels for the ultimate reward, so choose your warrior wisely and strategy effectively! Be sure to go through all of the information on how to play below to develop the most effective plan for engaging your opponents.