Pet Kingdom Game


NFTs Marketplace is a platform for creating, selling and purchasing NFTs digital content. You can also hold NFT including PetKingdom Character and Items auctions and amass your favourite NFT collection.
Including the selection of Incubators to assist in the launching of warriors, equipment items, the marketplace system has the new function of a Planet Map (new).
Your Inventory
Pet's Profile
🔴Consider the following key objectives:
▪️ Marketplace: A location to purchase characters
▪️ Inventory: Permits you to view and trade the characters in your warehouse
▪️ The Market is packed with filter options, and you can search by category: Planet, Level, Star rank, Price, or by ID
▪️ Update/Cancel: You can change the price or cancel the transaction at any time after releasing the character.
▪️ Transaction cost: On the Market about 10%; 5% is slippage available in the contract; 5% will go to the market fee wallet and be distributed evenly among the planets and bonus reward at The Sun map.
▪️ Sale history: Coming Soon
🔴 Reminders to the players:
🔻When you hit the account's Pet characters limit. The transaction will restrict the seller from opening any more Incubators.
🔻When characters are sold on the Market, their Energy, and unclaimed EXP are reset to 0. Please do not purchase more pets if you have reached the maximum of 8 slots. As a result, you will be unable to cancel the pet you are selling.