Pet Kingdom Game

Token Rewards & EXPs mechanism

Each day, the number of reward tokens available to each pet warrior after engaging in a battle will be restricted.
If your Pet Warriors has already battled and earned all of the rewards, you can still participate in the battle and earn EXP to level up.
Along with bonus tokens, battle provides the pet warrior EXP. The system will retain all EXP earned; if you select 'Claim EXP,' your pet warrior will be confirmed to level up. You will be charged a budget fee (6 PKD) for this function.
The level of Pet Warriors will provide many different benefits. Pet owners should upgrade their Pet Warriors to the maximum possible level. The higher the level of the Pet Warrior, the more reward tokens it will earn when it battles the Rebels. And, conversely, if the low level earns relatively few reward tokens, it's worth remembering that the low level will also cost you a lot of food for the Pet Warrior. Additionally, the higher the level of Pet Warrior the faster the Pet owner earns Reward tokens, which reduces the number of times the Pet Warrior joins the battle. Naturally, if there are still available foods and turns to join the battles. Continue feeding your Pet Warrior and completing remaining fights to gain EXP to aid in character leveling.
⚠️ Players Need Attention:
  • The Reward will be locked 14 days from the most recent claiming. If you play for the first time, you can claim 14 days since the first moment
  • Locked reward cannot be used during 14 days to buy incubators or used as claim fee
  • Claim Fee: 6 PKD in your wallet balance
  • The Lock reward period is 14 days on each planet
  • Reward Locked fund on each planet is totally distinguished from others. They will have different time of locking remaining. Example: + On The Earth, you have 100 PKD in lock and have 2 days left to claim. + On Mars, you play for the first time and have 14 days left to claim. => After 2 days, you can still claim 100 PKD on Earth, and the reward lock on Mars have 12 days left to claim.