Pet Kingdom Game

🧬Merging Warriors and Stones

Merging Warriors

After a series of glorious victories, the war on Earth comes to a conclusion, and peace is once again restored. Mars, the next planet in the solar system, was the site of the next rebellion. Armed with this news, they assembled their troops and left Earth for the next planet, where they fight valiantly in order to restore peace to the Solar System.
Warriors fight on Map 1: Earth (Warrior has Breed = 0) after defeating the enemies and harvesting all reward pools. The Players need to relocate the warriors to the new Map is Mars.
Method: The new Map's door opens when two warriors merge together to create a new warrior with increased strength capable of taking on the far more destructive The Rebels on Mars. Consider the following examples of warrior fusions. Additionally, equipment items must be improved to strengthen the new fused warrior's strength. Each time the item is strengthened, it gains 1 stat.
When two warriors are combined, Pet 1 (Higher Rarity) + Pet 2 (Lower rarity)
  • For Pet Rarity: Keep the higher rarity
  • For EXP: New Pet EXP = 100% EXP Pet 1 + 25% EXP Pet 2
  • For ATK: New Pet ATK = ATK Pet 1 + 75% ATK Pet 2
  • Daily Reward limit: check here

Merging Stones (Released in the New Galaxy)

When two stones are combined,
  • For Purity: Keep the higher
  • For Energy: Keep the higher EXP + 25% EXP of lower
(*) Different stats when combining two Characters or two Gemstones of different ranks.
(*) Each combination (character and item) creates a new item with Breed or Strengthen plus 1.