Pet Kingdom Game

🕹️ PetKingdom System

On each planet, warriors are recognized by the color of their helmet or dorsal fin, which matches the planet's main color.
For instance, on Earth, the warrior wears a green helmet and green dorsal fin; on Mars or Mercury, the warrior wears a crimson helmet and crimson dorsal fin,...

As players will notice, each map has a unique new interface for the Warrior Incubator, Warrior, and Item.

1️⃣ Firstly, each Incubator and Egg Warrior's color will change according to the Map, and players should consider the fact that the cost of Incubators sold will also differ. We will update the Incubator's price on the Marketplace as soon as possible.
2️⃣ Second, the Warriors that have been combined to battle on the new Map will have a change in the colour of their dorsal fins, showing that their strength has been boosted, supporting the Warriors to win battles on the new Map with greater power.
3️⃣ Thirdly, the Equip Stones must be upgraded before moving to the new map. This will increase the warrior's power in new battles, which means the Stone must be Warrior and map compatible.

Please refer to the following section for our Warriors and Stones merged table.

Players will get well-deserved fantastic rewards after upgrading and winning all maps. The player is on their way to a New Galaxy.
Finally, at the New Galaxy, warriors will have their stats: strength - defence - speed - HP.
🌈 More information about The New Galaxy here

De-Game-Fi Mechanism

NFT Game has confirmed huge growth potential and is expected to be the future trend in the cryptocurrency market. With this in mind, PetKingdom has focused on building a new financial system that is the perfect combination of game experience and Blockchain.
PetKingdom allows you to make profits while having fun. The farming mechanism allows players to earn more Tokens and collect NFT items, the result in an increase in the future value of the ecosystem.

Development Forms

All creatures are raised in Warriors Incubators until they are strong enough to live in the outside environment.‌
When a Warrior Incubator is opened, it starts at level 1 and has a random leaderboard.‌
To complete nurturing, players need to spend a few PetKingdom Tokens (PKD).‌
Two Development Form: The Warrior Incubator and PetKingdom Warrior.