Pet Kingdom Game

💎Element Gemstone

This Feature will be released in the New Galaxy

Purity Level

PetKingdom has a Stone system of 6 different purity level to promote its Pet power. Depending on the level, the reward when winning a match will be different.
  • The Purity of Element Gemstone is divided into the following grades: 50% -60% -70% -80% -90% -100%.
  • 5 types of Element Gemstone: Fire, Water, Metal, Earth, Wood
  • In addition, this Stone has the "Luck" attribute, which gives a percentage chance of gaining more EXP.
  • In addition, players can add Stone to Warrior to increase the battle power of the warriors which will increase the valuable token reward.
Thanks to the power upgrade after each evolution level, so the high-level Warrior will have a higher win rate, better farming productivity, and also be prioritized in Play-to-Earn activities.