Pet Kingdom Game

🏵️PetKingdom ($PKD)

Purpose of PetKingdom

PetKingdom aims to inspire billions of players worldwide to participate in the value they build for the first time by rewarding all participants to earn real money via the $PKD token. Consider PetKingdom to be a decentralized social gaming network. By playing, developing, and selling NFT games and games, participants can become owners in the PetKingdom social gaming economy and profit from their gameplay by earning $PKD. Not only can users receive rewards, but they can also raise the value of their awards ($PKD) over time by joining to play, compete, and win games.
PetKingdom's mission is to build an ecosystem that is owned and managed by our increasing community of users. This creates the fairest and profitable environment possible for players to keep and expand their profits from gaming. PetKingdom provides an interesting and financially rewarding ecosystem that is ideal for public acceptance by decentralizing gaming and using NFT playing items.

Mission of PetKingdom

The $PKD token functions as the Binance platform's basic economic unit, encouraging behaviour toward collective rewards and rights ownership. For the first time, players become stakeholders in a distributed economy, time to participate in and grow their profits through the creation and ownership of tokenized assets.
$PKD serves as a medium of exchange for such assets, creating utility value for the token while also providing as a proxy for their market valuation. Concurrently, $PKD is used as a driver of reward value for creating and sharing products and services. Blockchain-enabled ownership rights are earned freely and equally distributed among ecosystem players through $PKD.