Pet Kingdom Game

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Animals evolve together in a fantasy world without humans. Animals have evolved to dominate the natural world. They can live on the majority of the planets in the solar system.


Chapter 1: The Rebels

Earth also has a crucial position in the solar system since it is convenient to travel to other planets in the solar system. Distances to other planets are not far. That's why the rebels intend to take over this planet for the first time.
  • Classification: Stone Planet
  • Average temperature: 22
  • Terrain: Ocean covers 2/3 of the surface
  • Satellite: Moon - a transitional position and refueling
Earth, in which there are huge primeval forests, immense savannahs, or deep blue oceans. The climate is truly mild. The fauna here is extremely diversified, the food source is abundant. This planet is also the birth of all species' life in the Solar System. The easily identifiable features of the species here are their blue skin or hair. This is suitable for their environment to camouflage for preying or hiding from predators.
The diversity of flora and fauna leads to a variety of habitats. From the sky, the ground to the water. You can catch large animals to small ones everywhere.
Thanks to this wonderful living environment which helps to develop their intelligence step by step. They gradually learn how to build society, develop language and scientific research so that they’ll make remarkable achievements by the time. Traveling from this planet to another ****planet is not difficult for them anymore. Species spread across the Solar System and try to adapt to harsher habitats on the other planets.
Earth also has a crucial position in the solar system since it is convenient to travel to other planets in the solar system. Distances to other planets are not far. That's why the rebels intend to take over this planet for the first time.
Let's choose specific weapons from Earth used by native warriors. The chance of victory will be increased when battling against enemies.
The center in command includes:
  • Mariana Bay for aquatic species
  • Everest mountain for flying species
  • The Amazon jungle for species on land
Note about food and drink: Be careful with mushrooms because they are most likely poisonous. Eating them will lose energy and reduce fighting power by a half.
After the Pet Warriors on Earth is full, the Mars will be opened. No more Earth Pet warriors increase from that moment. Moreover, the Doomsday will come and erase all remaining resources on Earth which means the Reward Pool on Earth will soon run out.


Chapter 2: Uncontrol

Mars has the largest dust storms in the Solar System. These can vary from a storm over a small area, to gigantic storms that cover the entire planet. They tend to occur when Mars is closest to the Sun. Enemies usually attack at this time.
  • Average temperature: -55
  • Classification: Stone Planet
  • Terrain: Volcanoes and deserts
  • Natural satellites: Phobos and Deimos
Although this planet is rather cold, it is still a suitable environment for the creatures’ lives. However, water is very rare in Mars that only appears groundwaters under the surface, it is difficult to develop a fertile social environment here.
Mars has two permafrost at the poles. When winter comes to a pole, one of them is constantly in the dark, freezing surface and leading to an accumulation of about 25–30% of the atmosphere and change Mars has the largest dust storms in the Solar System. These can vary from a storm over a small area, to gigantic storms that cover the entire planet. They tend to occur when Mars is closest to the Sun. Enemies usually attack at this time. into CO2 dry ice. The warriors use dry ice as their weapons to shoot at the enemies.
This planet has a lot of volcanoes with the featured red color of iron bauxite, the species living here are also red to adapt to the environment. Their favorite food is mostly hot dishes. The creatures of the red planet are species that have good adaption to live in cold and deserts or those that live near volcanoes. Speed is their strength and even some species know how to use magma as a weapon to attack enemies.
Mars has the largest dust storms in the Solar System. These can vary from a storm over a small area, to gigantic storms that cover the entire planet. They tend to occur when Mars is closest to the Sun. Enemies usually attack at this time.
Mars is the closest planet to the Earth, that’s the reason why the rebels usually take this place as a springboard to go further in the Solar system. Please choose the fastest warriors with magma’s weapons to defeat enemies.
Note: - The center in command of Mars is on the top of Olympus Mons. The enemies firstly aim at this place. If this location is occupied by them, a high risk for the planet almost certainly belongs to enemies.
  • The advantage of porous terrain is convenient for the strategy of using warriors hiding underground and suddenly attack.
  • Phobos and Deimos are very close to Mars while this place has no protection. It is essential to be careful because the enemies are possibly hiding to wait for the opportunity from these places
Two satellites include Phobos and Deimos without any protection which is very close to Mars. Be careful! because enemies are most likely hiding and wait for an opportunity at these places.


Chapter 3: Deterrence

" Preventing Disaster Recurrence is a Chapter on preventing disasters from occurring again. The Rebels' attack on Mercury 4.6 billion years ago left many huge, tiny, and jagged craters on the planet's surface. After being cut off from the solar system, Mercury deteriorated into a lifeless planet."
  • Classification: Stone Planet
  • The maximum temperature variation in the solar system is 173 °C (at night) and 427 °C (during the day) (day)
  • The surface is cratered and jagged, comparable to that of the Moon.
All of the Petkingdom's satellites found a layer of hydrogen tens of centimeters thick under a 10cm thick surficial layer. The Animal Solar System's research team raced to Mercury to conduct an ice investigation and report the results. The results are broadcast to all Solar System inhabitants, and they are as follows: "This is a good signal for Mercury, which has gradually returned to life."
And the Rebels are preparing to blow up Mercury once again to remove the communication messenger god, causing a disaster that will once again shut off all energy to the other planets. The rebel troops' leader resided in the Caloris Basin; a unique area rich with magma from Mercury's volcanic activity. It's tough to contact them here.
Mercury has a unique magnetic field that seems to be spread over the whole planet, despite its tiny size and slow spinning. The magnetosphere is created by deflecting the solar wind around our planet. This provides an abundant supply of electrical energy for other planets to meet the increasing demand for manufacturing, farming, and food production.
Warriors from the pet kingdom race to transfer energy, aboard the spaceship, and sail through the portal at the speed of light to reach Mercury. The whole pet kingdom, like the rebel rebels, is aware of the significance of Mercury and the threat of catastrophe once again.
When the Pet Warrior consumes food while fighting on Mercury, he becomes unstable. To overcome the situation on the battlefield, the soldiers must consume the remaining good food as quickly as possible. Some food has been tainted by the environment, but it has also been poisoned by The Rebels' agents.


Chapter 4: Salvation

'An ambitious guy will never remain quiet until they were subdued.''
  • Classification: Stone planet
  • The average surface temperature is 462 degrees Celsius (the hottest planet in the Solar System)
  • Venus's surface is an arid desert with rocks and dust.
Venus is the second planet in the Solar System and sits in the Sun Belt, aids the renegade rebels' innate desire to rule. The Rebels can easily move and approach the Sunbelt to defend the ultimate boss that resides here. They can organize, and train the Rebels Warrior here without being spotted by our satellites because of the dense clouds that encircle Venus.
Venus contains a handful of craters, indicating that The Rebels have started to plan to establish a base there. One of them is a flat volcanic base known as "Farra," these peculiarities are the result of volcanic activity. Forms a great protective cover for their hiding spot by generating a flow with high heat.
Venus is a planet that provides light to all other planets due to its brightness, but also has peculiarities that make it an extremely strong planet. The clouds of Venus also produce lightning on a regular and continuous basis, and the enormous volcanoes continue to erupt at all hours of the day and night.
A warrior heading into combat must have the following characteristics: vast experience, training with well-researched tactics, constantly consuming healthy meals to help maintain his health robustly, and being tough to defeat. The quantity of food provided for our superior beast warriors at this time is also critical. Anywhere, at any moment, use strong willpower.
The army of pets has returned to battle via the time hole in cosmic space. Make wise nutritional selections since some are helpful and others are detrimental to the best warriors. It is one of the variables that determines the success or loss of a pet in a battle with an opponent.


Chapter 5: Undying

Jupiter is no longer a peaceful planet hidden behind the clouds. The great awakening of the immortal guardian Animos, causing it to create a swirling storm known as the Great Red Spot. The world has been totally enveloped in darkness since then. The Rebels started to take advantage of this by planning an attack on Jupiter. Do they wish to open Ados' entrance to the Sun? Stop the Rebels and assist Jupiter in regaining its peace.
  • Classification: Gas planets
  • Core temperatures of up to 24,000 degrees Celsius are sufficient to cause spacecraft breakdown
  • Element: Hydrogen and helium
At Jupiter, food sources for warriors appear on an hourly basis, with warriors quickly finding the food store when there isn't enough. A good meal aids in the recovery of mana for Jupiter's creatures. However, selecting poisonous and unsuitable food containing a lot of thunder can deplete your mana. So, if you don't want your warriors to lose strength, consider carefully. If the Rebels do not choose to join the battle, they will swallow Jupiter's Pet, collecting lightning energy from the thunderstorm and causing Jupiter to grow barren until it is destroyed. When Jupiter ceases to exist, The Rebels will conduct a plan to open the Ados gateway to the Sun, where the "Hidden One" resides.
Warriors who choose to join with Jupiter must train to gain strength, acquire food to help restore mana, and fight many fights until they develop. Only then will they be allowed to attack The Rebels. Don't forget to search for magical stones, which may assist soldiers in quickly defeating The Rebels.


Chapter 6: Last Judgment
The sky is usually peaceful before the end of the world! The doorway of Ados to the Sun has opened, announcing the impending end of the world. Finally, the person standing behind them emerged. The Sun is on fire as a result of being eaten by the Super Boss! Warriors can only remain in the Sun for a limited period to destroy the Super Boss. The key to winning this last battle is to find loopholes in the Boss' weak spot. Remember, only the bravest warriors are the strongest!
  • The central star of the Solar System
  • The incredible heat that burns all types of materials
  • Elements: Hydrogen and helium.
  • Is a massive magnetic region surrounded by strong plasma jets?
Temperature pressure is used by the Sun to produce energy for the planets surrounding it. However, since the Sun is being possessed by the Super Boss and sucking up the elements within, it is in the process of burning itself to death and ending its life, which is the Solar System's apocalypse. The swallowing process is continuous, causing sunspot holes to get more crowded. This is the moment to help The Rebels revive, as well as for hidden warriors to enter the Sun. A unique aspect is that every few hours throughout the swallowing process, an aurora will appear, blurring the Super Boss' sight; this is the ideal moment for the warriors to defeat the Boss.
It is important to note that when the aurora disappears, it is also time for the warriors to leave the Sun if they do not want to decay. Use all of your power, as well as your valuable time and equipment, to defeat the Super Boss and bring peace to the Solar System.