Pet Kingdom Game

Army Contract Rent

Contracts are needed for your Pet Army to be eligible to attend Star Wars.
Each Army has the number of Pets that you have entered to it, contracts must be paid to each of the Pet that are in your Pet Army, your Army can be hired for a minimum of 7 days, but you can also hire them for 15 or even 30 days with discount rate, once their contract expires, you must hire them again if you want to be able to fight in Stars War and Earn $PKD.
It is not possible to remove Pets from Pet Army with an active contract.
When trying to add Pets to an Army with an active contract, you will have to pay the equivalent of the available contract days of the Pet to be able to join it. For example, if you have an Army with 4 active contract days left, and you add a new Pet, this Pet will have to pay 0.5 USD + 4 USD (3 contract days) in $PKD to join that Army and be able to Fight in Stars War.
Fee for adding new Pets: (Fixed $0.5/Pet) + $1*Lease remaining days*number of new Pets
The cost of Renting your Pet Army is 1$ for each Pet in it, obtaining a small discount if you hire it for more days:
Contract Rent Fee for each Pet
Paid by
$PKD on Oracle Based
13 USD
$PKD on Oracle Based
24 USD
$PKD on Oracle Based
Note: PetKingdom enables players to pay with either unclaimed $PKD reward or their main $PKD Balance wallet.