Pet Kingdom Game

Black Hole Buyback System

😱😱😱😱 What's unique in New Galaxy of PetKingdom? Make PetKingdom outstanding from other Play-to-earn Games
🏋🏼‍♂️We have received many questions from Community about how we gonna maintain the New Galaxy from Inflation and help users earn stably.
So we created 🌑BLACK HOLE BUYBACK ORACLE - Always protect Investment
🔰Buyback comes from 30% of our Game Total Revenue (Pets Sale, Marketplace Fee, Trading Fee) which will be converted into BUSD immediately
☯️ Buyback Fund will buyback each time $PKD price drops 10% and keep the $PKD in the Buyback fund-> protect users investment all time
♻️ Each time Price of $PKD raises 10%, Buyback Fund will convert $PKD into BUSD to expand the Buyback Fund through time
🌟$PKD price will be feed by Chainlink real-time Data
Note: All statistics of BUSD & PKD number will be shown by real-time chart on our Website for all users to check its growth.