Pet Kingdom Game

PetKingdom - New Galaxy

After finish conquering all planets in the Solar System, Pet Warriors found a Galaxy Gate to go to a New Galaxy with more $PKD reward and engaging features
New Galaxy is a new Metaverse of play-to-earn NFT game designed to provide the users with a fun experience by collecting old Pet Warriors from all over planets in Solar System to travel through the Galaxy Gate and explore more new things in the New Galaxy:
  • Searching for $PKD floating in different Galaxies
  • Occupy new planets
  • Finding new Species of Pets: Ocean, Air, Underground, Space, Earth…
  • Unlocking more attributes and abilities of your Pets by mining new minerals (Strength, Magic Power, Beauty, Intelligence, …) found in new Galaxy
  • Build 3D NFT construction (house, road, building, farm …) on your planets
  • Build NFT farm by planting trees NFT and harvest on your planets
  • Strategic Defense against invasion from evil Pets in the Galaxy to protect your planets
  • Integrating new minigames for Pets to have more entertainment
📌PetKingdom – New Galaxy aims to be the greatest Metaverse Sci-fi game on the blockchain while letting their users enjoy being a part of a vast universe, the thrill of strategic gameplay, and of course, earn $PKD.
Note: The game is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain and is compatible with Web3 wallets such as MetaMask, which will be used to accept transactions and pay for gas fees. MetaMask can be installed as a browser extension, or as an application on your mobile devices. Assets are player-owned NFTs minted in the ERC-721 standard which may be traded on our marketplace or selling them via P2P to another player.