Pet Kingdom Game

Developer Notes

Upcoming Features of PetKingdom (Release start from November)
Returning following the recent update, PetKingdom hopes to gain the community's trust through a succession of remarkable achievements. The developer is still hard at work developing several plans to add features as quickly as possible. Take a look at some of the things we've accomplished:
+ With over 53,000 pets unlocked, nearly half of the route to conquering the galaxy has been completed.
+ The scholarship program has been launched in accordance with the previously announced schedule.
+ Player-friendly marketplace with a variety of essential features
+ The Referral program, in particular, had a strong reaction.
And now, in October, we are excited to introduce a completely new mechanism to the community.
If you're curious about how to maximize the reward or make the enjoyable interaction experience amongst players. To begin, let us consider the League/Guild.
Why is the League/Guild essential?
PetKingdom's development team has devised a very intriguing concept called League/Guild.
League/Guild is a playground that satisfies both player needs for increasing rewards and the developer's community connection mission.
The PetKingdom team hopes to use the guild to develop a small world filled with numerous new objects in the PetKingdom realm, as well as new NFTs in the game. Additionally, the game's chat capability hints at the possibility of establishing a parallel community that exists between the virtual and real worlds.
2. PKD Staking
As previously stated in the Roadmap and Tokenomics, we have a tokenomics feature ready for Staking and Farming PKD. This feature will be launched in order to control the amount of PKD circulating in the market and to provide PKD holders with more convenience and profit.
Mechanism of Staking:
After the Pet Warriors evolved and discovered a new homeworld - Mercury - their capacity to exist in space was significantly enhanced. The Pet Warrior has discovered a floating world in outer space. Simply sow a variety of seeds, care for them, and cultivate them for a time to harvest a variety of resources.
- Staking allows players to earn PKD by either Staking a single asset or Staking Liquidity Points.
- Players will be able to select from a variety of Staking packages (Different Seeds).
3. Gemstone Wars
Scientists discovered several anomalies in five of Mercury's satellites during their exploration for resources and new places. These five satellites have long been rumored to be haunted by spirits. And they learned recently that it is not a rumor.
From ancient ages, hundreds of millions of years ago, civilizations around the solar system viewed Mercury's five moons as five massive "ghost dwellings." Because each satellite holds the force of a distinct element, when ancient warriors died in battle, their souls were gathered in these satellites. Each warrior possesses an elemental power, and when they die, their souls are transferred to the corresponding satellite.
Unusual oscillations in these five moons were discovered recently through the possession of gemstones by ancient warrior spirits. They have imported souls, which enables them to operate as inhabitants and soldiers. That is, they consume food, seek resources, and engage in physical activity to maintain their strength.
After some time spent learning about and communicating with them, scientists discovered that they had a mission to preserve the solar system's peace. They come whenever the solar system is in jeopardy...
Gemstones as warriors, are classified by color. On Earth, spirits carry gemstones, which give them their distinct colors:
+ The Earth is blue
+ Mars is red
+ Mercury is green
+ Venus is golden
+ Jupiter is purple.
Additionally, we provide a referral mechanism for players who wish to invite new members in using the invitee's code (or link with the code). When strangers purchase characters and fight in the game, players successfully invite them.
The percentage of invitees who will enjoy themselves is as follows: 5% from ref 1, 2% from ref 2, and 1% from ref 3.
There is no restriction to the number of invitees.
Additional information
When The New Galaxy is unlocked, gemstones can be used separately in PvP battles or champion warriors competitions, or they can be re-imported to serve as an accessory for PetKingdom's primary warrior.
Each gemstone battle may also award additional tokens in addition to PKD. This is a complimentary gift as a result of PetKingdom's collaboration with other publishers.