Pet Kingdom Game

New Galaxy Roadmap

After Release New Galaxy - Our Developer Team has already prepared a long-term plan to make PetKingdom becomes a great NFT game in GAMEFI Metaverse world


🔻Q4 2021 - Q1 2022
  • Release New Galaxy
  • Black Hole Buyback system - Insurance Fund for PKD players
  • Release Pet Game Club (Include many minigames: 1vs100)
  • Integrate with more third party NFT Marketplace for Pet exchange
  • More CEX listing (Hotbit, MEXC is under contact)
  • More Solar System partnership for additional reward for users
  • PvP mode between players
  • Fighting Boss feature (The Sun map)
🔻Q2 / 2022
  • PetKingdom Farm release
  • Release Galaxy Map (include Planets NFT to sale)
  • Open Sale for Planets NFT in the Galaxy Map
  • 3D Galaxy Map release
  • More New Galaxy game engines (more NFTs type: Spaceship, Fuel, Shovel)
  • More minigame in the Gamehub
  • More Solar System partnership for additional reward for users
  • More Characters Design
  • UI/UX Web redesign for improvement
  • UI/UX New galaxy Game design
  • Planets NFT staking ▫️Planets Build Alpha version release
🔻Q3 / 2022
  • Implement Pet Attributes in gameplay (Strength, Magic Power, Intelligence...)
  • Implement Pet Origin (Sky, Underground, Space, Ocean...)
  • Implement Pet Team Combat feature gameplay
🔻Q4 / 2022
  • More engines in Planets build (house, road, farm...)
  • Integrate minigame into Planets NFT ▫️Graphic design update for Planets NFT (3D)
  • Launch of NFT Mining Resources on the Planet
  • Launch of NFT Exploration on Planet (join adventure to explore many different objects NFT on Planets)