Pet Kingdom Game

🔮Solar System

PetKingdom – Advertising when Playing to Earn. Get your project listing now
Solar System is our Unique Feature where multiple projects can join our PetKingdom ecosystem to get their projects expose to all of our users in-game.
🎮 Mechanism:
In Solar System, we allow other projects to get listing on our in-game battle display as a Banner/GIFs and airdrop for users who watched the GIFs advertisement. This way is the best way to marketing and advertising for both PetKingdom and listed projects.
After click Battle -> Banner of other projects will randomly appear with preset rate.
Imagine, hundred of tokens get listed on Solar System and PetKingdom users can get hundred of Airdrop at the same time. It would be 1000$ bonus for every user of PetKingdom daily.
In the opposite, every partners can get their project information + buying potential expose to all PKD users daily as well as millions views for each marketing campaign on PetKingdom Solar System
This Model - Advertising when play-to-earn of PetKingdom will be the first and pioneer model which will create a whole new big trend among Play-to-earn games in which it helps connect several games in once to build the greatest NFT game community ever.
This way is the best way to advertising for both PetKingdom and listed projects.
Check list of Partners project here: